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alex1115's Perma Ban Appeal
12-10-2016, 10:56 PM
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alex1115's Perma Ban Appeal
Entity (Teamspeak or In-game):




Length of Ban:


Ban Reason:

It doesn't give me a reason. Pretty sure it was for hitting off the CF website.

Staff member who banned you:


Was the ban justified (Did you break the rules):

Yeah, it was pretty justified.

Why you believe you should be unbanned:

For those of you who weren't around to know me, I used to own CF (in short). Because of this, I'm pretty familiar with the rules and the general attitude of the server's community.

I'm not on the never-lift list and this was my first legitimate ban (citation needed, I'm not actually 100% sure about this). Keep in mind that this ban was put in place about two years ago.

What you will contribute to the server if you are unbanned:

Realistically I'll just be a player that hops on for a weekend every so often. I'll probably help a new player or two, and I'll definitely ask a few new-spawns to stop spamming caps or something out of habit.

Closing thoughts

Sorry for the somewhat short appeal, I don't really have a whole lot to say. If you were around to remember me, I'm pretty much still me - except that I'm more mature, a bit less cringy and annoying, and I no longer have the voice of some prepubescent boy-girl hybrid (I think).

Also, I'd like to thank Demb for sticking around and handling all the Linux stuff. I remember him putting up with me and my lack of server knowledge and he seriously deserves some props for that. Seriously, send this guy a cake in the mail or something.

Thanks for reading, boys.
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