Simply Connect and Play!

Join with no sign-up, though we encourage you to keep track of updates on the forums.

Start up Minecraft > Multiplayer > Direct Connect > Enter

Getting Started & Learning the Basics

When you connect to the server, you will be plopped right at spawn. You will receive some starter items, one of which is an ender eye. Hold the ender eye in your hand and right-click to open a chest inventory. You may click on any of the items, which represent our various worlds and game-modes, to teleport instantly to that world's spawn.


Sponge Protection

Protect land without commands or needing staff. Just place a sponge, and a large area around it becomes protected!

Limitless Flight

Look mom no limits! I only had to wear a gold chestplate and I started flying!

Custom Events

KOTH, FFA, Spleef, and Dragon events that are all custom coded to work best with our server!